Our products are : Vegan - Cruelty-free - Pregancy Safe & Effective

Meet your formulator, Sarah Leclerc.

After more than a decade of self-funding my skincare research via my " Little hobby", Half a decade as a pharmacy technician and years in cosmetic formulation, I decided to try my hand at launching my own skincare line.

I have felt personally victimised by the 26 step skincare routine we all had to adopt years back.

Skincare minimalism.

Do more with less.

Instead of buying one product for one ingredient's purpose, La Base's mission is to created products formulated to address multiple skin concerns in one product.

To "cover your bases" if you will.

Allowing you to claim back the negative space on your bathroom shelves and countless hours spent rubbing your face with an outrageous amount of products.

Bring your skincare routine back to BASEics. Your skin will thank you.




I really struggled to find a name that covered everything and I just kept saying things like "I need to get this right because it's the base of my entire routine" and "I just want what works, I don't have time for a facial twice a day." And there it was, The Base, which I quickly made French, La Base, because that's just what we Frenchies do.

From our secret routine to yours

"I absolutely love it and I can't believe the difference with only two products. ★★★★★"

- Lindsay