unique baby shower gift ideas

Top 10 unusual Baby Shower Gift Ideas.

Finding a baby shower gift that strikes the perfect balance between uniqueness and thoughtfulness can be a challenge. As a mom who understands the desire to present something extraordinary to a future mom, I've curated a list of gifts that go beyond the conventional. 

No bibs and Onesies here !

And you can be sure nobody else is going to show up with the same thing !

Here are ten exceptional and thoughtful baby shower gift ideas designed to make the upcoming mom's experience truly special.



1. Portable USB Bottle Warmer: Sticking the bottle in between your boobs is simply going to take ages to warm up to temperature. These are cheap and you can stick em in every car, bag, bum bag.

Bonus ! it folds down so it take very little space !

 Portable baby bottle milk warmerUSB bottle warmer for moms on the go

2. Leakproof Nursing Bra: Combine comfort and functionality with a leakproof nursing bra, offering support and confidence to the busy breastfeeding mom.

The design is a lot less bulky than the traditional nursing bras that make you feel like inspector gadget!

Mumma-Milla: Nursing bra

Leakproof nurning bra3. Small Crossbody Nappy Bag: I love a Mary Poppins tote as much as the next gal, but let me tell you that rummaging through the gates of a black hole is not my idea of a good time when my baby is screaming and my body temperature is nearing boiling point.

Do yourself a favor and keep it to a minimum with the perfect blend of fashion and functionality for the on-the-go mom.


 The Bonnie kitcompact stylish nappy bag

4. Dr. Shefali's "The Parenting Map" Book: Delve into insightful parenting wisdom with Dr. Shefali's transformative book, "The Parenting Map," guiding moms on a journey of self-discovery and mindful parenting.

One of Oprah's most recommended reads for all the parents she meets.

The parenting map by Dr.Shefali

The parenting map by Dr Shefali

5. Swaaddelini Swaddles: Wrap the little one in comfort and style with Swaaddelini swaddles. Listen, if this thing was around when my baby was still being swaddled it would have saved soo much grief. Our little bundles of joy are like tiny Houdinis! And when they escape you are one Moro reflex away from overtired territory.

 Swaddelini baby sleep sack

6. Lait Labs Kit: Nothing..., I repeat, Nothing could have prepared me for how much this changed my life. Postpartum anxiety ain't no joke. And a 5 day nappy rash that is on the precipice of bleeding and your baby is wincing at the prospect of a wet wipe approaching his tushy will throw you into a whirlwind of guilt and anxiety. Enter this magical kit that allowed my to make a cream out of 50% of my own breastmilk. When I tell you that nothing compares to how INCREDIBLY fast it heals everything on my baby's skin. Four words:

I Can't Live without.

Lait Labs - DIY breastmilk cream kit 

7. Elf on a Shelf Adoption: This takes Christmas to a whole new dimension. If Santa and advent calendar weren't enough we can also now express our goofiest selves through this little elf. The possibilities are endless and your kids will have most unforgettable memories from it.

The elf on the shelf - a christmas tradition

adopt elf on a shelf

8. Hand and Footprint Tin Keepsake: Truth be told unless things are served to you in the simplest way possible with the least amount of effort and bonus if you don't even have to get out of your chair. I wish I had this for when i could fit both his tiny feet in one hand.

Pearhead Babyprints tin

baby hand print keep sake tin

9. Memory Box of Firsts: Along the same line, if it ain't laid out in the simplest way for you, you actually just won't have the time, or won't be bothered, or even worse all the little keepsakes are going to get lost in various places and forgotten until you inevitably move houses.

Design house baby memories box

Baby first memory keepsakes

10. Belly Casting Kit: Trust me when I tell you we forget. Mothers everywhere looked like they were defying gravity at the peak of their pregnancy. That is simply impressive, and you are going to want to have something to prove that one point you were quite literally superhuman.

Belly Casting Kit

pregnancy belly casting kit

As a mother that is lazy and requires the best of the best and kis also a compulsive online shopper, I gift you this list of items that is sure to turn heads and hopefully make other guests jealous they didn't think of this first!

You're welcome.

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